What Do Aquarius Have in Common?

Aquarius, also known as the “sea goat” or “sea nymph” sign, has a curious, whimsical nature. Many of its characteristics sound similar to traits of the zodiac sign Taurus, but it is important to understand that Aquarius does not have a tail. In fact, its horns cannot be tamed, nor can it speak.

What kind of personality do Aquarius people have?

You are wondering what in particular makes Aquarius so special and different? Well, Aquarius are full of life, freedom lovers, but keep their personal life private at the same time. Many believe that this is one of the reasons why make them so charismatic and full of surprises.

First, the zodiac sign of Aquarius is very fixed sign, with only three distinct elements: Aries (the sun), Libra (the air, and Pisces (the water). So there aren’t any prominent traits of Aquarius that set it apart from other zodiac signs. However, Aquarius is famous for its emotional stability and artistic temperament.

According to an astrologer working for the International Federation of Astrology, Dr. Hector Campanella, “There is not one special trait that characterizes a person born under this sign, but rather several that you might notice in others. In fact, if you look at someone and see only their fixed characteristics, you may think that they are a typical Aquarian – reserved, meek, logical, and responsible, but with a little creativity and imagination.” Others disagree. They argue that Aquarians, by their very nature, are spontaneous, have a wide imagination, and are sensitive to the feelings and needs of others. Some astrologers subscribe to both schools of thought, believing that there is an underlying commonality among all Aquarians, but also that there are subtle variations that reflect individual personality traits.

While it is impossible to pinpoint exactly what Aquarius traits personality traits that Aquarius person has, you can be aware of general traits of this zodiac sign. Aquarians are very sentimental, caring, warm, generous, warmhearted, and proud of themselves. This zodiac sign was named after the ancient Roman and Greek god of water, Eros, who according to legend loved Aquarius, as did several other ancient Mediterranean gods. Aquarius women tend to be compassionate, loyal, trustworthy, and patient.

According to astrology specialist Dr. Judith Sayles, an Aquarius who resides in San Francisco, “Aquinas is the symbol for the eternal connection between oneself and God. The air signs, Aries and Gemini, represent the opposite ends of the earth, where Aquarius travels to visit the undersea world. In ancient mythology, Aquarius is the god of water, and the planet Mercury, the planet of air, is his country.” From these basic Aquarius traits, sayles suggests that the air sign is symbolic of perfection, while the water sign, Pisces, is the symbol for imagination. With some Aquarius people are being very creative and having great imaginations, Sayles explains, “Aquinas is the symbol for surpassing one’s own limitations through beauty, intuition, and spirituality.”

Another school of thought about the traits of an Aquarius zodiac sign relates them to the characteristics of the planet Mercury, which is the planet of communication. According to Judith Sayles, an Aquarius who resides in Los Gatos, “Aquinas has a good sense of humor, so he is attracted to a fun-loving person who likes to joke. He also wants someone with a good eye for detail, who is able to solve problems quickly and efficiently.” Sayles continues, “Pisces is the symbol for intelligence and refinement, so an Aquarius person might be drawn to someone with a high degree of intellectual curiosity and who thrives on new ideas.”

As stated above, though most traits associated with an Aquarius zodiac sign are positive, it’s important to realize that an Aquarius has some negative qualities as well. Aquarius people need a good balance of work and play and are often difficult to please. Aquarius men like women who are independent, confident, and full of herself. They may have secret dreams and desires that they aren’t always comfortable sharing with others.